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A programmer that has adopted an all-weather bicycle commuting lifestyle.

When These Experts Savage U.S. Drone Policy, It’s Time to Worry – Conor Friedersdorf – The Atlantic

From the article:

…the Obama administration hasn’t rigorously evaluated whether its drone strikes are helping or harming national security; it is setting dangerous precedents; it isn’t doing enough to prevent proliferation; and it is undermining democracy with excessively secretive practices that could also undermine the program’s long-term efficacy.

via When These Experts Savage U.S. Drone Policy, It’s Time to Worry – Conor Friedersdorf – The Atlantic.

Future of Hydrogen Economy is Ammonia?

Hydrogen economy? Ammonia.

Anyway, I ran across a story. I just wanted to put it on people’s radar. I created a link for the article. And I don’t know why I made it upper and lowercase. I shouldn’t have. But so it’s a, So cracking. NH3 is the chemical formula for ammonia. And this is an article which was just published that says: “A hydrogen breakthrough could be a game changer for the future of car fuels.”

Heard on Security Now ep 462. Quote from transcript.

Money in War: Research into the Life of Just One Financial Marine (Part I)


The TL;DR: the military is a twisted poverty making machine.

Originally posted on Cassandra Rose Arthur Essays:

September 11th, 2001; I turned 10 years old a few months prior and had just started fifth grade. They didn’t show the news coverage in my school for a long time, and my teacher had to do it without permission. I remember a cloudy feeling of doom: our country was plunging into war. What was going to happen? I learned about the Revolutionary War — the war against an oppressive government; the Civil War — the war of the federal government against the states; and Vietnam — the war we never “won.” What would this new war be against? A new word started appearing everywhere, “terrorism.” Something just wasn’t right. “How long will we be at war?” I thought, “Hopefully not that long. Hopefully it won’t be as bad as Vietnam.”

13 years later, I am almost 23 years old. I have lived over half of my life during a…

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Get photos off your Android phone with GPhoto2

Being an ardent Linux user, I researched how I could get photos off my Galaxy SII. This is not possible with MSD (mass storage device) mode which implies a FAT file system and also implies exclusive access to the file system (but your phone doesn’t stop running when you plug it in). You have to use the PTP (photo transfer protocol) or MTP (media transfer protocol). And you can script this access with Gphoto2.

To detect the device, start with: gphoto2 --auto-detect

To list all your folders and files: gphoto2 -L You will find this far too much to look through.

So, time for grep: gphoto2 -L | fgrep ' folder ' And this will list your folders. You are looking for things like ‘DCIM’ and ‘Camera’ likely.

You will also have multiple storage areas, like your USB storage, and your micro SD card. Sort that out with:
gphoto2 -L | grep folder | awk -F/ '{print $2}' | sort | uniq and I found I had these two storage devices:


Another good search of folders with DCIM gave me these folders:


Alternatively, you can find items in other folders, like all movies:
gphoto2 -L -f/store_00020002/ | egrep -ie 'mov|vid|wmv|mp4|mkv$'

And I hope you find this useful!

Why Bikes Make Smart People Say Dumb Things — Medium

This so telling about our society:

We’ve been conditioned since infancy to ignore most of these fatalities, along with the behaviors that cause them. If you’re a typical American, your first experience of speeding was while strapped into a car seat, and you rode past half a dozen fatal accident scenes before speaking your first complete sentence.

Thots on Visiobike

Is a Google Glass bicycling App useful?

I really enjoy having a bluetooth headset while riding my bike, I can get incoming calls and not have to fish out my phone, and I don’t ruin headphones and headphone jacks on phones with constant wear.

There needs to be a place to start, so Glass seems like a reasonable initial platform, but I do not think that the target market should be Glass users, it should be lower-middle incomes that need encouragement to ditch their cars.

A proper app would coach new cyclists on various topics:
– proper lane control
– how/when to change lanes
– how to plan safest route, or least hills
– how to order your errand stops by “least distance” or “ice cream last”

A proper device would be potentially cheap enough to build into a helmet or insert as a liner into a helmet such that it provided a rain-proof visor which did not cost so much as to be a burden when stolen.

Contrast to this Openstreetmaps enthusiast project.