Two 3x Monitor Backgrounds from Deception Pass

I had good fun with my camera on Memorial Day. Been a while since I filled up a memory card.

Since I have such a nice computer at work, I’ve decided that I refocus my photography towards landscapes, and put out multi-desktop wallpapers.

Whatcom Creek, 2010

I was able to prop the camera against a signpost and get this 1 second exposure with my 28mm lens. Sometimes I’ll start some post-processing, get a bit frustrated, and come back to it after puzzling it out in the back of my head after a while. It getting texture I visualized for the water involved playing with grayscale layer for a while, coupled with a dodging layer on the top to restore the level of the mist that morning.

Whatcom Creek Bridge 2010

Whatcom Creek Bridge 2010

Print version.

I’m going to start making all the desktop pictures 1680×1050 now.