Are Two SSDs Worth It?

I was just pricing out components for a Windows 7 system for a Photoshop user. My idea was to have two SSD drives, one for the boot drive, a second for ssd for photoshop scratch, and a 1TB drive for finished work. A Core i5 system with 8GB ram seems to price out at $2000, including two nice Viewsonic 24″ monitors. By choosing an AMD X4 processor and two 23″ Acer monitors, I can squeeze it down to $1500. That’s a big difference. With the SSDs and a CS4 approved ATI graphics card (don’t need a gamer card of course), a slower processor shouldn’t actually make much of a perceptible difference, right? Seriously–the system it would be replacing is like six years old.

ATI FirePro 3700

ATI FirePro 3700

So my big question is–are two separate 32G SSDs a good choice? To divide up this way? These motherboards come with built in RAID, so would I ultimately get better performance striping both a C: and E: across the two SSDs? Or is it best to just let Photoshop dominate a whole drive just for itself? I’ve always been hesitant to raid a boot volume, of course. And booting off the the 1TB drive is of course…absurd.

All advice welcome.

Edit: it might be better to just raid0 two OCZSSD2-1VTXT60G and get a combined 400MB/s write speed.