Copyright Thought

Just now–looking at Slashdot and reading the post about 20,000 lawsuits of copyright infringement against BitTorrent users–makes me think that that copyright litigation is going to be a growth segment for the next decade. Like online advertising, online marketing and online gaming…copyright litigation is backed by solvent clientelle.

Back when I was first out of college, I chaffed at my first webmaster position, because I learned after a week that I was a tool of the chief merketer. That is not the role that garners respect from your engineering peers. (But it does pay rent nicely.). I am not so insensitive about our rights as to hitch my wagon to the RIAA or MPAA.

I did admit to Thomas Gideon recently in some feedback to his podcast that I didn’t find the copyright segments as interesting as the programming segments. He did respond most kindly on that topic…but I don’t feel too guilty. I know that the RIAA and the MPAA are commercial gestapo organizations. They mold the best legal system we can buy. I vote a lot with my dollar: I don’t watch TV, I don’t watch network advertising, they only get a bit of an occasional DVD purchase from me. My friends know that these organizations are evil. Thomas, my friends and myself…we’re clearly on the same side.

However…a Desperate Programmer or Ambitious Consultancy would be eager to hitch up to the Media Establishment’s Legal Assult. There’s little living to be made supporting volunteer defenses…except that it is our digital living. It is a shame that the two sides are not both bound to a public budget which would hopefully expose the merits of a just argument, rather than reflect the amplitide of the affluent. (My thots on political campaigns are similar.)