Last happy thots on LinuxFest Northwest 2010 #lfnw

As always, I completely enjoyed meeting all the new and returning people at LinuxFest Northwest. I was especially proud to finally shake Brian Aker’s hand and thank him for his work on memcached and how inspired I was about the ideas behind Gearman. Gearman is a job-coalescing processing protocol that can solve map-reduce problems. Please check it out! This is more impressive than memcached by a mile!

I was very interested to talk to the brewers showing their Linux controlled brewing. I was especially honored to meet the chair of OSBridge and friends at the PostgreSQL table. I would have put a shiny Pg shirt on Krow if we coulda caught him…

It was intersting seeing the talk on airline, healthcare/medical adoption of Linux, too. Always glad to hear progress there. Interesting to note that Sun Micro’s thin clients are still widely regarded as the best in those areas, too.

I really like the idea of exploring the possibilities of getting kids to do presentations at LinuxFest. I asked my oldest what he might want to present on, and he said, “teaching my mom how to operate my MP3 player.” Well…maybe in a few years he’ll be ready to talk to his peers at BTC for LinuxFest NW.

And of course, it was great to meet up with Bryan and Chris and chat about kids, camping and keeping animals.

My talk on Apache rewites went … OK. I was not rehearsed, my notes were disorganized, and 1/3 of my room slipped out on me. Those that remained had fun discussing java, c#, cookie processing and http auth wrt codeigniter–so it wasn’t a total waste at all. But I really gotta organize the concepts down if I really want to present an intro to the topic, and at that, I bombed…sorry. Maybe just a talk on Apache would be more useful. I should prolly leave the mod_rewrite topic be a BOF slot.

Anyhow–I’m sure I’m leaving something out, but now its time to get some rest. Many thanks to all the Fest organizers that helped put this on! It is a valuable experience every year and I always recommend it.

Looking forward to 2011! The talks, the next batch of brews, and seeing if anyone else wants to cycle there, too! Nerd bike ride…?