Fixed my rear shifter cable on the school playground

This morning before I rolled downtown to the farmers market, I had a hard time adjusting the rear derailer. Closer inspection revealed that my barrel adjuster was turned all the way out and I wasnt going to get any more tension on it. The cable also appeared to be suffering some buildup of grime around the ferrules so I figred it was time for a new shifter cable.

Getting to Great Harvest was a bit of a chore, I seemed always to be in the wrong gear on the way downtown. I had a great conversation with Hans, the owner, and learned the have a FB fan page, and also that he’s considered what role bicycles could play in his business. Glad to be getting to know him.

Had a fun few minutes talking to the guy manning the everybodyBIKE booth outside the farmers market. The kids learned what a bike maintenance stand is. Then on on my way back I stopped by Kulshan, chatted with Jeremy and related how Roz saw a metrofiet *in Bellingham* and about the Onya cargo trike concept. Shifter cable: $3.50. I had lettuce in the bike trailer, couldn’t linger too long. Jeremy did point out a fresh fixie with disk brakes before I left. Wow…predict if I’ll ever get onna theman eh? Pretty, tho.

Shot across town to check out a *new* bike shop in the Columbia ‘hood. Ernies Bikes, repair and consignment. Apparently they’ve been open for two weeks just across the street from the meridian Haggen. I’m really happy to have a neighborhood bike shop! I chatted with Ernie and his wife and they open early on Saturdays especially to help people who want to get a weekend bike trip … And start before 10am! Sensible. They are Bellinghams first low-budget bike consigner, too. (I know that Jack’s also does consignment, but only on spendy racers.) They have a good argument for it: if you cruise Craigslist, you don’t know wth kinda bike yer gonna get until you get all the way out to wherever and see what kinda garage-vomit is being offered. Couln’t stay, got the lettuce home.

Learned about letterboxing. Took the kids by the corner store for a treat, on condition of us going to the playground. We swung home, I got my Tri-Flow and pliers, and rolled my bike to the school yard. The shifter cable WAS SHOT…right in the shifter! I noticed that the shifter action was getting less smooth, but had thot it was just grit. Nope…this was frayed cable left and right. Glad I had needlenose to help pick it out. Cable changed and I tightened the anchor bolt in twenty minutes, with an eye on the boys the whole time.

I guess 1000 miles on a shifter cable is too much. Both the shifter cables on that bike failed within about three weeks of each other, and I changed them last year at the same time. I better start making a maintenance calendar. For my bikes, huh?


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