2010-05-17 Web apps should be fast

Have I worked on any applications that have all 10 of these concepts? It’s an interesting read.  It mostly speaks towards building software that has charisma. I don’t think I’ve ever really worked on a product that has charisma. I’ve certainly helped speed sites up, and helped make them more useful. Many products I’ve worked on had a pile of features, most never looked very simple, and a few had web APIs.

I say charisma not because online media should display contemporary styles, but point 10 is “playful.” Most software won’t play a joke on you, or say anything funny, or not present itself as anything but entirely serious. I write shell scripts that are playful. If they die, or fail an assertion, they say “YOU FOOL!” and quit…but I’ve never made a web application that much slap-and-tickle.

If I had the time, I’d point out some of the Microsoft online help I’ve seen that’s really funny. For a while at least, they hired some characters that really made rather lighthearted help documentation. That’s an interesting example of playful.


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