We Make Our Culture

…and we debate our culture a lot. It is interesting to me the difference between the passive observer and the hopeful evangelist. This bike forums thread is a perfect cap to my trip: a very two sided discussion about the power of cars in the Angeleno (and American culture).

We are faced with peak oil, global warming, and economic contraction. We are betrayed by global capitalism and no garuantees of a not-poor retirement, or even senior heath care.

How many generations of poverty will it take to convince Americans that a 80 mile commute and a house is not a reasonable expectation? One.

We already have solutions to obesity, high blood pressure, type II diabetes, smog, 40,000 annual traffic fatalities, road rage, chronic debt, auto theft, grid lock and suburban sprawl. Go live that solution, please. And you’ll be healthy when you get there.


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