Viaduct Earthquake Simulation (The SunBreak)

Op-Ed: Shut Down the Viaduct Now | The SunBreak.

I had thought that transforming the Viaduct into a city park would have been a good idea, but this reminds me of the destruction from the Loma Prieta earthquake.


Loma Prieta


One response to “Viaduct Earthquake Simulation (The SunBreak)”

  1. This anonymous comment was forwarded to me:

    What a Seattle Resident has to say about the Viaduct!

    That was a very interesting story! I think that the only time in years that I have driven on the viaduct was when you came up last year. I won’t do that again! :) We will find another route. My brother in-law is an engineer, and inspected the viaduct after the last earthquake we had several years ago. His recommendation was to shut it down right then and there. But they didn’t listen of course…..they just shut it down off and on for minor retrofitting and repairs. He ended up leaving that company. Just goes to show you, that something should have already been done with that thing. A major catastrophe waiting to happen.

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