April 30: Bellingham Bike Swap

Matthew Velguth’s  The Bike Shop program in Bellingham is putting on their annual Bike Swap on April 30. You know I’ll be at LinuxFest Northwest of course. However, if you’re not interested in nerding-out that weekend, the bike swap need volunteers:

April 30th is the date of this spring’s TBS bike Swap and this is the call for volunteers.  We welcome help with set-up and intake on Friday, April 29th from 4 to 8pm and Saturday morning from 7 to 10am.  Then the sale takes place from 10am to 4pm.  Any time that you can put in to help out The Bike Shop is great!

…writes Matthew. I attended last year to sell some bikes and bike parts. It is a noble cause and an inexpensive way to get a bike for yourself or your kids.