Another Great Linuxfest Northwest

What an impressive LinuxFest. It felt really pro this year with big printed badges and registration. I would have been. Happy to have picked up my badge friday night if I knew what the crowd might have been Sat morning.

The robot room was definitely Liam’s favorite. Thank you BAIRS! I really dug the competition robot. Seeing BPD’d bomb squad robot was quite a privilege for us as well. That was very generous for BPD to spend a few hours at Fest. Would have been cool of coulda got some footage.

I loved being able to poke into the Linux Action Room and it was a great opportunity to get to present on a live stream. Thanks, Chris, Bryan and Jeremy! Opening up the stream to some guest intro takes was a hoot!

The OpenStreetMap presentation was really neat and I would dig doing another bike ride map collection next year, now that I know how to better be prepared. I need to see how I can better use my BB to collect waypoints. It was fun taking a spin with Isaac, anyhow.

I’m grateful there were some people interested in bike rides for fest but I need to start that conversation earlier. But crazy ideas popped up:
– a display of how to charge mobile devices by bicycle
– ANT+ linux drivers that collect cycling telemetry
– getting penguin bicycle pennants printed to sell at the raffle booth
– any bike vendors or mfrs using open source?

I’d once againt like to heartily express my thanks, appreciation and gratitude to the LinuxFest Northwest organizers! It was a great fest and the best sunday of all the two day LFNW events yet!

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