I’ve started keeping an eye out for interesting…

I’ve started keeping an eye out for interesting visualizations, and this is fascinating.

Drawing lines between dots

I have been playing with an opensource software called Gephi for several months. I believe it is one of the best non-proprietary network visualization softwares currently out there. Gephi allows users to visualize, navigate and understand relational dataset such as social network data, quickly and efficiently. 0.8 beta which was just released less than a week ago includes some major enhancements and bug fixes.

Gephi is fairly big project with large sourcecode base. If you want to write plugins or modify sourcecode, it could be overwhelming in the beginning. Once you understand the structure, it gets easier but still non-trivial.

I was once trying to wrap my head around the structure of Gephi sourcecode and I thought it would be interesting to use Gephi to understand Gephi sourcecode.

I wrote a small script in Ruby to go through the sourcecode and lookfor import statement and created list of directional links…

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