Morning Rant on 9/11 and Data Collection

So when I woke up and saw the Tribune’s syndicated article about how the Whitehouse though it would have prevented 9/11 by more pervasive data collection, I got rather angry. Why? The article and the topic are focusing on manipulating the reader. Entirely not on any greater topic.

Who wants this surveillance? It does the American untold damage already: our privacy, our dignity, and foreign businesses that want to conduct businesses in America are now unwelcome, too. The collection of vast sums of data provides a gold pile too tempting for miscreants and tyrants not to touch. Want to out queers? Want to find Marxists? Want to find any race, creed, or cultural oddity and then conduct a campaign of domestic oppression on them? Just pay your contact at the NSA. All you have to be is someone that appears to work for law enforcement.

Oh, you don’t trust cops? Do you trust your congress critters? Your mayor? And consider Oakland, CA, during 2013. Massive brutal crackdowns on peaceful protesters. And what now guarantees these people are not now continually tracked?

No, that headline on “9/11” is not news, it is manipulation of the public to distract us from the fact that American corporations have meddled in foreign politics since oil and bananas were discovered. The way “9/11” would have been avoided was to have been a nation that upheld social justice and not attempted continue to make money on oil for decades after alternative energies have been available to get beyond it.

It all just makes me pissed.

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