Fixing SSH login long delay

I use all of these tricks when setting up my own ssh servers.

In just five minutes...

For a long time I had a problem with ssh login on a Redhat 6 server – it was taking too long to connect to it, around 30 seconds. Normally it hasn’t been a big issue – after all, you connect once and work for all day as long as you enable server keepalive packets to avoid session timeout.

However when it comes to work with SFTP o GIT it might become annoying. Everytime you sFTP upload or  git push you have to wait 30 seconds again.

This kind of problems are often related to DNS issues but this is not always the case. Following are the most common solutions:

1. Disable reverse IP resolution on SSH server

It turns out there is a setting in OpenSSH that controls whether SSHd should not only resolve remote host names but also check whether the resolved host names map back to remote…

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