Whither TrueCrypt?

TrueCrypt remains one of the best whole-drive encryption utilities available.

Steve (GRC) Gibson's Blog

My guess is that the TrueCrypt self-takedown
is going to turn out to be legitimate.

We know NOTHING about the developers behind TrueCrypt.

Research Professor Matthew Green, Johns Hopkins Cryptographer who recently helped to launch the TrueCrypt Audit, is currently as clueless as anyone. But his recent tweets indicate that he has come to the same conclusion that I have:

  • I have no idea what’s up with the Truecrypt site, or what ‘security issues’ they’re talking about.
  • I sent an email to our contact at Truecrypt. I’m not holding my breath though.
  • The sad thing is that after all this time I was just starting to like Truecrypt. I hope someone forks it if this is for real.
  • The audit did not find anything — or rather, nothing that we haven’t already published.
  • The anonymous Truecrypt dev team, from their submarine hideout. I emailed. No response. Takes a…

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