Why Seattle Is Not Like Silicon Valley


Editor’s note: Anne Seckinger is a writer interested in the intersection of technology and business.

The stories of Silicon Valley millennials competing, succeeding and failing spill out of the region faster than most journalists can type. The region excels in churning out startups, thanks to the abundance of venture capitalists, the plethora of reporters and the proximity of like-minded techies.

The term “Silicon Valley” is practically synonymous with “tech startup” because startups are the business of Silicon Valley, and entrepreneurs are the output. However, companies that make the greatest impact disrupt present-day societal expectations and norms; the allure of startups is that they dare to surprise and challenge consumers. Thus, how disruptive in the market is it to launch a startup in Silicon Valley when the environment is designed to produce entrepreneurs?

Many technology professionals from across the world relocate to Seattle because of the city’s potential to reward daring…

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