Pre generated characters 

The Faroth adventure players will be given pre-filled character stats and the equivalent of a level two city townsfolk. As such, they can pay their way with jobs/labor in order to acclimate to their new town. 

Now I know some of you will know how to roll a character, and you can do that on your own time for a future module. I, as a GM, don’t have time to slog through it for all participants.  My task is to keep the story rolling, especially for people who are noot familiar with the game. 

Not all of us players will complete the campaign: scheduling is tough. A month of play sessions just around character creation is not much fun for all. As the group coheres, players develop familiarity with the game, character creation can become more important.  But let’s at least get get one game in first and see how we do, OK? 

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