Faroth: Games until Summer

barrel-headI’ve decided to run this as a seasonal campaign:

and we’ll stop for summer. Most members of the game are prolly going camping or traveling while the kids are out of school. I’m going to openly discourage new characters for this game for the rest of the session. People may attend, but new level 1 characters would be too much of a distraction at this point. Our Faroth adventure should probably end by following the plot east and seeing what good our characters can do for Sing’jar, or discover who leads the orc army. Getting our characters up to level 6 would be a reasonable achievement. Would be a nice idea to do a bagel breakfast on that day.

  1. May 20
  2. June 3
  3. June 10
  4. June 17
  5. June 24 Ending early, 12:00pm

During the summer:

I would be up for some small games during the summer–so please contact me so we can set up some stuff for summer. I’ve other D&D 3.5E worlds banked at the back of the fire we can rake forth and puff life into.

We’ll continue in fall:

And I would like to continue the adventure in the Faroth/Sing’jar world. If that’s an issue, and you’d like to propose a new world, I’ll hear your proposals. New characters will be welcome, and will probably be leveled up very quickly by being associated with higher-challenge adventures. I propose to begin on the Saturday before school starts: August 26th (subject to change).

  1. Aug 26
  2. (Skip Labor Day weekend, people usually travel, if not: LMK)
  3. Sep 2
  4. Sep 9
  5. Sep 16
  6. Sep 23
  7. Sep 30


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