(D&D) Ulipa, Lothric meet Ville The Toad

After Lothric, Tiberius and Aredellus freed the slaves in orc caravan, they headed east into the hills. A day of rest at Oaksparrow camp and they had a conversation with Feltor who debriefed them on what was causing the magic barrier…still no evidence, so they were asked to return. Aredellus decided he needed to rest longer, so unloaded his bag of holding and Lotheric and Tiberius were left with the weapons. Among the hundreds of wounded elven warriors in the camp, the weapsons for sale were sharpened and cleaned and loaded on a pair of mules. Lotheric and Tiberious set off…determined but not enthusiastic.

Out on the plains, most of the way to Bolitus, the northern cairn town, they encountered a pair of travellers: a monk named Ville the Toad and Ulipa, both from further south on the east side of the Sing’Jar mountains. After some skeptical looks, they all agreed that they resented Orcs, Drow, and evil…so they agreed to travel north to Bolitus together. Ville the toad made jokes about Canadians the whole walk…very annoying, eh?

As they approached Bolitus, those from Anitus recollected that they did not see any elves. In fact, most of the elves in Anitus were drow. Surface elves are never popular with either drow or orcs. Some of the group decided it was smart to disguise themselves a bit when entering the town.

Bolitus, much like Anius, was a rough ring of sun beaten pavilions and canvas tents around a twenty foot tall cairn of bolders, at the top of which was a black onyx pyramidal capstone. The whole area was bustline with humans, orcs, half orcs–covered with dust, leading carts laden for trade. Most carts were lead by oxen, smaller carts were lead by horses, and some were lead by slaves.

Following the southern track into the center pavilion, the part parked their mules in front of the Dented Cup, a pub that would allow them…the bouncers at the Orc Pub just shoved them back into the dirt…Lotheric and Ulipa stayed outside with the mules. Tiberius, Ville and Alex strode into the bar and after ordering some drinks, were approached by a veteran orc named Bakar asking them to play a game of dice.

Some huming and hawing later, some dice rolled and some money won by Tiberius, a converastion started about where they could sell some weapons. Barkar said he’d pay in gold and would like a look at the goods.

As they lead him out of the pub, Barkar grabbed the reigns of one of the mules and tried to rush off with it! The rest of the group intercepting Barkar, giving him a sound tumbling, and Barkar ducked back into the pub, clutching his wounds…but not before Barkar called for help from within the bar.

A huge Orc in chain mail faced the group at the door, backed by threeww other orcs with mauls. The huge orc traded blows with Lotheric, but didn’t last long. The other orcs spread out, were defeated in a minute by the rest of our party. Alex rushed inside the Dented Cup and fired arrows from his short bow at Barkar who was header out the kitchen exit of the pub. Barkar escaped, but the barkeep showed up at the door and demanded a cut of the loot picked from the pockets of the fallen outside his door. “Come again, adventurers!” the owner said as they left.

No sooner had they walked away from the Dented Cup, but a pair of red-vested, black hooded, shadow-covered drow pranced forward from the casino across the plaza towards them. As Lotheric, Ulipa, Alex, Ville and Tiberius approached the middle of the plaza, three schrewd operators from three separate tents reached them first, introducing themselves as adventurers.

Tiberious offered the skinnier two new adventure seekers a (paltry) reward for hunting down Barkar than the third, a well spoken half orc, approached Lotheric…”You wont get into the casino if someone else doesn’t introduce you. I’m known there, I can get you in. If each pay five gold, I’ll be able to pay your cover charge.” And in a few minutes, they had been greeted by a pretty half orc waitress and lead to Table 1 of the Bolitus Casino, where they stopped before a pair of humans with greatswords garding the velvet trimmed oak table.

…and they were introduced to Wiri Bentspoon, owner of the casino and other businesses in Bolitus. Wiri admitted that he was impressed with the strength of their team (especially Lotheric) and how Lotheric handily defeated Barkar’s best muscle. But these swords they were selling, that was another matter. The market is flooded: drow don’t care for sunside elven weapons, orcs neither. Someone is always going to be buying weapons, but everyone already has one–so there’s no good way to give a fair market price on the lot of them. A half price counter-offer is made.

“What is more valuable,” Wiri says, “is your skills. Not all adventuring humans are so robust or brave. I have trouble in Anitus. There’s a ranger and a wizard down there that have been trying to kill the cairn leader down there. If you take care of those two, you’ll get paid better than what you’re selling these weapons for.”







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