(D&D) New Occupation of Sing’jar

General Gaeal Bunfur, hobgoblin warlord, lead his troops west across the Sing’jar mountains after the orc shock troops. Following closer and sooner than planned, the hobgoblins lead with kobolds to capture the lagging orcs. The hobgoblins, kobolds and bugbears methodically captured and imprisoned the civilians of the area.

General Scabwart the Orc warlord was assassinated upon claiming the mayors mansion, and a hobgoblin coup d’état stole the city from the orcs. Bunfur installed new military leadership, if somewhat unconventional. The following mercenaries were brought into run the city:

Uulopa Sadgrin (Warlock. Human. Archfiend, L14)

  • Rudy’s Cloak of Escape +3
    A meld of Cloak of Etherialness and Cloak of Resistance: etherial travel for up to 5 min/day, +3 1/day, +2 2/day, then +1 to saving throws thereafter. Cloak of Darkness 1/day.

Wylan Darkglove (Oathbreaker Paladin. Human. L13)

  • Eucalor’s Helm of Control
    Wearer sends controllee into double rage if controllee has rage ability, or rage if controllee does not. Wearer takes -1 Con damage per use (lowers hit point max), healable with Greater Restoration. Target of controllee must be in sight of both controllee and wearer. Range 120. Requires concentration.

Yuseph Pitland (Necromancer . Human. L13)

  • Velkor’s Robe of Undead Animation
    Costs wearer 1 Con per maximum hit die added to corpose (lowers max HP, restored by Greater Restoration). Wearer can then spend (2x Max Monster Hit Die) HP to animate corpse (as Animate Dead) without components. Control maintained as per Animate Dead. Example: 8th level wizard (48hp) wearing robe spends 2 Con to raise two zombies, 1 d12HD and a 2d12 HD zombie: lowers HP to 32, spends (2*2)+(1*2) = 6 HP raising two zombies, is left with 26 HP.