[D&D] Sing’jar Exploration Companies

barrel-headTo found an exploration company in Sing’jar costs 100 gold pieces, and a contract that states your camp location and three officers of the company: chairman, treasurer, secretary. You agree to be visited without notice from the sherriff and the wizarding council, who will check that everything is sanitary, people are fed…and you’re not summoning evil with found artifacts.

Addessa Stonblud is an avaricious dwarf that claims to be retired from the Jamnut foundaries beneath Faroth. She is camped near Large Entrance. She employs humans and dwarves.

Bilo Sudderlaf, a sorcerer gnome, employs the fewest explorers, and they go in at night, and never stay more than a dozen hours below. They bring back the least treasure, but the most arcane items. They are camped near Cavepool North.

Gerrard Tickbone, human rogue, survivor of the orc attack, came back across the mountains claiming to have escaped from orc imprisonment near Glantaspar. He is cross, smells of booze, and carries a handlens everywhere. He employs only humans, and runs his camp abusively, hiring young refugees and orphans. His camp is near Large Entrance.

Zach Millstone, half-orc fighter, is the youngest chairman. He hires anyone strong that has a sword. Their crew is afraid of him because he acts like he has a death wish, scoffs at looking for traps, and constantly places his crew near rockfall areas and enemies. They have the most injuries, the most adventure stories, and are surprisingly successful as raiders. Stories have it that dwarves hate them for so rudely wrecking the places they explore. He is camped near Ludhold South.