lsblk trick

Here’s a fun trick to list the serial numbers and sizes of your hard drives:

 $ lsblk --nodeps -o name,serial,size
NAME SERIAL             SIZE
sda  50026B77640B3E09 223.6G
sdb  50026B77640B4B39 223.6G
sdc  YGGU3EZD           1.8T
sdd  W1E15D5G           1.8T
sde  W1E16ACY           1.8T
sdf  W1E16BJB           1.8T
sdg  W1E5W99Y           1.8T
sdh  YFGR1V3A           1.8T

Robocopy Notes

Install cmder: It’s the nicest shell I’ve seen for windows. Run your console as Administrator. Otherwise you can’t use the /B backup switch. Also rember you need to do a net use command as administrator.

Before you robocopy stuff, setup a dedicated drive letter. The drive letter is only available to the logged in session. So if you have drive p: for Bob, and then you boost your console to Administrator–no more drive p: ! So dont use the users drive mappings: create admin drive mappings.

net use p: \\nas02\backup\ "secret" /user:bob /persistent:yes

Remember to type the password with “double quotes” and not ‘single quotes’. If you type single quotes you may as well be typing capital Xes: they become part of your password.

The net use command to see if you already have a drive share. Close any File Explorer windows open to that server becuase that’s equivalent of have a net use $d /user:anonymous open at the same time, and windows wont cooperate. Mount the directory

There are a lot of switches. We’ll assume a C:\Users directory.

C:\Users\bob> mkdir c:\temp
C:\Users\bob> cd C:\Users
C:\Users> robocopy bob P:\bu-bob\ /mir /ZB /FFT /XA:SH /W:5 /R:2 /dcopy:T ^
 /XJ /XD "Temp*" "cache2" "temporary internet files" "*cache*" /NFL

First try the command without the /LOG switch. The command goes faster with the LOG turned on, do that later. /XF is a pattern to exclude files. Example log option: /LOG:C:\temp\bu.txt. The /NFL will show directories. not files.

The /MT flag is useful, but it prohibits logging, not available on Vista. The /XJ flag should be default, but sadly–no. Juntion points create these really frustrating backup path loops. Use /XJ!

(D&D) Staff of Darkmoon

Eclipsen Darkmoon, the drow that defends the western frontier of Rodorax’s domain, when he was recognized by Blackbone Vunumklar and promoted to a captain in Rodorax’s gaurd–spent his free time and now plentiful resources, learning necromancy and creating magic items.

Eclipsen first made three wands: Wit’ring Artse’ah: a wand of life stealing; Ustulus Op’neflo: a wand of necrotic decay; then Viron’loss: a wand of air stealing, a vicious method of suffocating victims at a distance. To buy the loyalty of other socerers, he bargained these fatal tools to other black magicers to help control the eastern horizon of Galentespar. Goblins, orcs, bugbears and Druegar were problems to the east.

The problems to the west were more complicated. Decades of battle between elves, orcs, giants and dragonborn frustrated the west. Drow were reviled worse than orcs. The first drow advances through tunnels into the Sing’jar mountains were met with an unusual unitity between the high elves, wood elves and the dwarves. The dwarves were the most frustrating part–not only had they fled the dragon, the giant and then the drow, they decided to breed below the elves in the mountains almost as friends!

darkmoon-hairyspider2Eclipsen threw himself into reading the darkest of magics and bought scrolls from the southern seas to build his next weapon. One that used a resource plentiful anywhere around the region of Galentaspar: corpses. Sacrificing his concubine Icion’onii, he trapped her greedy and racist spirit in a thigh bone of a son of Ludhold–the dwarves that held the land that is now Galentaspar–permanently enraginer her drowven spirit. And with such trapped vitriol was created the staff of Darkmoon.

  1. The staff can create undead 1/day
  2. communicate with dead at will
  3. finger of death 1/week, plus free charge on full moon and new moon
  4. Control undead at 9th level as Oathbreaker Paladin at 1d4+1 times weilder level: a 5th level could control up to 25 undead–once per day
  5. command spiders (up to 5HD) at will

Icion’onii was str 9, int 19, con 9, wis 18, cha 19, dex 9, a charlatan seductress and part time dark cleric, rescued by Eclipsen from being banished to the fate of a drider for failing to uphold the honor of the priestesses of Llolth. The first owner of the staff was an unfortunate drow priestess found in a rock outcrop dangling from a spider web upon the southern spire that rises above the Galentespar pit. spider-darkmoon

Tales of the staff travel through the cavepubs of Glantaspar forevermore. The wall at the western frontier of Galentaspar territory is only one many of the staff’s victories. After that failed orc uprising, and the utter charcoalization of the drow that previously commanded the cairn outpost at wall, the staff was prized by Wiri Bentspear. It is said that every full moon he went on a date that started with drinking a bottle of firewater on a rock outside his village and killing a prostitute…with a spider that was never found. Whenever his body guards saw him carrying the Darkmoon staff, they denied visitors with the excuse: he’s visiting with Ici.

(D&D) Thoughts on Undead and Necromancy in 5th Edition

Control of the undead in 5th edition is–like many things–quite simplified. The Create Undead spell is effectively synonymous with command undead spell. You would use create undead to animate remains and control them. Finger of Death is a spell available at higher level that kills living creatures and enslaves them permanently as zombies to your character.

Notions of contol undead, rebuke undead, command undead are lost at a glance, but Oathbraaker Paladins and some Socerer spells can command undead. The notion of rebuke undead on many forums is ridiculed as too subtle, by some–but there may be a point to that.

Overall–the notions of undead in 5e seem to have reviewed previous rules about creating undead from mostly remains of civilian corpses, whereas most necromancers are really on the lookout to find the remains of great warriors and turn them into death knights–by the score. This notion of creating armies of the undead appears to have some rules for necromancers, but all the remains need to be treated as unskilled plow hands no better than first level fighers.

Other techniques discussed are charming mid-level undead, namely a Shadow, and letting the Shadow loose in a warren of weak evil creatures–like goblins–and if the Shadow remains charmed, it will return to you with a thousand undead goblins! This is the most entertaining method of raising an undead army I read.

(D&D) Next Game Dec 3

We’re approaching the last three games of the Fall Season. Usual times: 12:00pm – 3:30pm December 3rd, 10th, 17th

I have some improvements for the next few games: some extra Player’s Handbooks and another vinyl map so we can run separate groups more easily.

It would be great to have another adult to help.

FreeNAS: Installing Dovecot

Various notes on installing dovecot on FreeNAS 11. I understand this has no dovecot security applied. This is a tutorial for a LAN lab environment.

    1. If the FreeNAS is a VM, make sure the virtual network adapter permits permiscuous mode. This allows jails to network.
    2. Create dataset.
    3. Adjust Jails Setting, disable DHCP fn-jails
    4. Create a jail with an IP address and allow.raw_sockets=true. This allows ping. Make sure that VIMAGE is unselected.fn-jail1fn-jail2
    5. Add storage to jail. Both /usr/ports and /mnt/pool/jails/foo.
    6. Install vim:
      1. jls
      2. sudo jexec foo sh
      3. # cd /usr/ports/editors/vim
      4. make install
    7. Update pkg metadata for jail
      1. # pkg update
    8. Install screen, dovecot from package
      1. # pkg install dovecot
      2. # pkg install screen
    9. Edit dovecot stuff
    10. Message from dovecot-
      You must create the configuration files yourself. Copy them over
      to /usr/local/etc/dovecot and edit them as desired:
      cp -R /usr/local/etc/dovecot/example-config/* \
      The default configuration includes IMAP and POP3 services, will
      authenticate users agains the system's passwd file, and will use
      the default /var/mail/$USER mbox files.
      Next, enable dovecot in /etc/rc.conf:
      To avoid a risk of mailbox corruption, do not enable the
      security.bsd.see_other_uids or .see_other_guids sysctls if Dovecot
      is storing mail for multiple concurrent users (PR 218392).
      If you want to be able to search within attachments using the
      decode2text plugin, you'll need to install textproc/catdoc, and
      one of graphics/xpdf or graphics/poppler-utils.
    11. We’ll skip the imap search features for now
    12. Let’s create a user inside this jail
      1. adduser, nologin, use a password
    13. Verify /var/mail/kathy exists
    14. Check in on QuickConfiguration
    15. in /usr/local/etc/dovecot…
      1. should be using conf.d/auth-system
      2. conf.d/10-auth: disable_plaintext = no
    16. /etc/pam.d
      1. create dovecot:
      2. auth    required
        account required
    17. conf.d/10-mail.conf : mail_location = maildir:~/Maildir
    18. 10-master.conf: comment out pop3
    19. 10-ssl.conf : ssl=no
    20. in ../dovecot.conf: remove ‘::’ as interface to listen on
    21. # service dovecot restart
    22. Now attempt to hit it with thunderbird, use configs like this:fn-tbird-imap

Next is Outlook

Follow these directions on adding a IMAP account to Outlook.

If it’s really old, microsoft suggests this article.


(D&D) Ley Lines and Underdark

I’m rather inspired that there’s a gaming history involving ley lines. A way for multiple fluxuations in the magical powers running through the earth that focus nacient energies. Flows of energy might interact in waves, constructive and destructive.

Consider the amount of minerals buried in the viens below Galentaspar. Not only dwarves noticed it — but orcs, drow, giants and dragons noticed it. Some grew to understand the warp and weave created by the mineral veins below what is now the gravel pit. Some areas are positive, others the opposite.

What areas summoned your characters? What areas repel them?


(D&D) Close Enough to Shave a Ghoul

This session, our adventurers began in a bind: surrounded by the orcs and undead of the drow. Whirling around, the party began to sense that this fight was going downhill, and as Vino, the vile necromancer above them, waved his hand and whispered to the void, things got even worse when he shouted, “Purge the outsiders!” And the sky grew darker…

First skeletons rose from the five graves before them….then a putrid stench rolled across pavilion asĀ  bugbear ghouls followed from four of the graves. Our party, cut off the easiest route of escape–was clearly outnumbered. As the dirt fell from the bones of the skeletons, it became clear they were thicker of bone and clearly battle scarred, rattled forward quickly with their swords drawn.

Lothric began to feel his palms sweat. Just when we thought all was lost, Wiri piped up, and everyone turned towards him. “Wait.. They ‘elped me,” Wiri said, stepping in front of the drow. Wiri then raised a staff, and with it saved us from the undead, just as they approached us–they suddenly stood still: Wiri had restrained them.

0-Bear_skull“They are my sacrifice to Lolth!” Vino responded, and pushed Wiri aside and pointed his finged and whispered upon us words of the nether, sending hero and orc alike running in fear. We quickly regrouped and rallied, and rejoiced at the arrival of Ville the Toad, only to remember our situation, and then we ran.

After spending a night of paranoid watching around the campfire, awaiting pursuit, we decided that, even we couldn’t conquer the camp yet, we could still take action and disrupt supply caravans.

In the morning, Lammanon led the party to a road that carved a path through a rocky outcrop. Lammanon climbed to the edge of the road, and cast an illusion of a boulder. We snuk into bushes and behind boulders…and lay in wait for our prey.

Sure enough, within the hour we heard word from Lammanon, who had gone forward to scout, that there was an orc caravan on its way towards us. As the orcs and their wagon rattled towards us, we lept out; they had walked right into the trap. Four orcs were lead by a large and confident half orc woman in bright chain mail.

One battle and several dead orcs later, we were tying up their horse, and picking the trinkets off their bodies.