The Alchemist’s Final Gift

Recently, tales have begun to circulate about the deceased alchemist named Ludwig. Some of the more informed sources claim that Ludwig had an intense fascination with time. While many of his studies had a noble intent, rumors ascribe a more eldritch plot to his final work: time control. He strove to navigate it, to create a device that could bend the fabric of reality. Some even claim that he succeeded, but he could find no other way to power this device than blood.

The alchemist Ludvig was a reclusive elvish soul, sharing his studies and successes with few. His housekeeper claimed that his family was a long line of elvish merchants, and that each generation was crazier than the last. Ludwig’s experiments ranged from bows that would ignite their own arrows, to toys that would walk on their own. Ludwig was never much of a merchant and would have his assistant, Rogi, carry out any transactions, commonly between them and Elvish armies.

Ludvig’s laboratory was located on a small, unmapped island north of Faroth, warded by enchantments and bitter weather alike. Many poor fools have ventured out to try and claim his many wondrous and horrifying inventions, but those that returned were gibbering vegetables, incapable of proper communication, suggesting that what they found was far beyond their feeble minds.

Meta Stuff:

The Gift of Time: Great-sword – Requires Attunement

You have an additional +2 to attack and damage rolls made with this weapon. In addition, on your turn, as a bonus action, you can stab your hand with the needle on the pommel of the sword, to power the device. This grants you an additional action, and deals damage to you equal to 1 + the number of times this ability has been used by the currently wielder.

This damage can be “reset” by draining the sword of all residual blood, requiring the sword to be submersed in at least 100 gold pieces worth of oil, and then incinerating all biotic material from the sword, inside and out. This process takes an hour if it is performed in a proper laboratory, or three hours if performed without one. This ritual revokes the attuned from the sword, and requires them to attune it again. In addition, this ritual must be performed before the sword can be attuned to by a new wielder.


We got the media center to work:) The recorded voltage coming out of the charge converter was 5.08 and the ammeter (below, right)   coming out of the charge converter read 1 amp. There were apparently 0.00 amps coming from the solar panel.     ImageImage

Observations 1/18/14

 I devoted this three day day weekend to my science project, and we are (I think) almost done with the solar circuit. A couple weeks ago we thought we had done it and everything was going to work. but when the media center didn’t turn on we thought our charge converter was faulty. We tried another one. This one started smoking. It turned out that we had a short and the new charge converter was smoked. We got one more charge converter, which we accidentally smoked. Then, we retried the first charge converter and it worked!

Now we are (hopefully) about to finish the circuit.

Bedroom Circuit


This is the circuit me and dad put together in my room. There are still some problems, but we hope we figured them out.

We are trying to run the MINIX media center, by solar power. We thought we had it all working, but it turned out (we think,) that our voltage converter was a bad one. We should be getting new parts on January 2nd, and that will hopefully solve our problems.

Our starting plan was:

A: connect charge converter to charge controller

B: connect the solar panel’s – wire directly to the charge controller.

C:connect the battery to the charge controller

D: connect the computer to charge converter

E: splice in an ammeter to the solar panel line

F: splice in an ammeter to the computer line

G:connect the keyboard to the computer

H:connect the monitor to the computer



This is the front of the Ammeter. A device that measures the amount of amps something is using.

This is the back of the ammeter

This is the back of the ammeter. The screws with the metal strips that have holes in them are were you put the wires to test the current.

Conclusion of 11/16/13 pre-test

I realized a couple of things. One was that we made a faulty adapter, so the power got from the battery, to the cable, but not to the media center (what we where trying to power). I also realized that the solar panel should be leaned back (like this \) to get more possible sunlight. Two questions I have are, one: what are better wires/adapters to use, and two:what is the best point in the house to get the most possible sunlight per-hour

11/4/13 readings

These are the readings for November 11th, 2013.

The (new) average KWH per day is 1.226309922, does this mean that computer is working harder?

subject Volts Amps Watts Hz Kwh
Computer 123 0.34 40.0 60.0 22.48

Readings for 10/26/2013

These are the reading for 10/26/2013

I computed the average power used per day from October 11-26 with this formula:

13.51 Kwh / 15 days = 0.900666667 kwh, or 900.666667 Watt Hours per day

 subject Volts Amps Watts Hz Kwh
Computer 122.9 0.34 40.0 60.0 13.51