steps of project.

I know I have already posted some of these but some are new

1.acquire power meter (check) 

2.attach to existing computer (uncheck)

3.record that computer’s power usage in a month (uncheck)

4. make computer (70% check)

5.attach solar cells

6.record power saved (uncheck) data

Readings for 10/11/2013

These are the readings from my first test on a lamp and on a UPS (uninteruptible power

subject Volts Amps Watts Hz
Computer 121.2 0.35 40.5/40.4 60.0
Lamp 121.1 0.33 24,6/24.4 59.9/60.0

Now these results are almost the same, anyone have any ideas of why that is?

The Kill-a-Watt

The Kill-a-Watt

Kill-a-watt plugged into computer uninterruptable power supply (UPS).

These are photos of the device we got.


This is the Kill-a-Watt device for measuring power usage of a appliance.


This is the Kill-a-Watt plugged into the UPS.

begun learning about solar power

i have begun learning about solar power. Solar power is electricity converted from light by solar cells. I want to power a small computer using a solar panel. I need to figure out: Image

  1. how much power the computer needs
  2. how big my batteries need to be
  3. how to charge the batteries using the solar panels
  4. if my battery voltage is different than my computers  voltage, what might i need to add or change to give the right voltage to the computer
  5. how much power can i save compared to when i was not using solar power
  6. would a smaller computer be more energy efficient than a bigger one
  7. how do i measure work per energy unit for each computer

I need batteries because solar energy comes from the sun and if, say a cloud passed there would suddenly be less power , the when the cloud went away, there would be more power. Really only appliances made to withstand these rapid power swerves can withstand them for long, however, if you just charge the batteries with the solar power then you can discharge continuous power from the batteries for the computer.