Bike Picnics, 2011

Let’s get the kids out on bikes with their buddies on Saturdays or Sundays for picnics at our various beautiful parks! This should get the kids used to helping pack for trips on the bike, and cycling to progressively distant parks.

I like to cook sausages on my portable propane grille for lunch, and you’re welcome to share. Food in general though (for various dietary reasons) is pack-your-own. I suggest raw veggies and cheese sticks as finger foods for grazing on while they dash around.

Gray skies picnics:

Blue skies picnics:

  • Boulevard Park picnic, 2011-04-xx? [route]
  • Zuanich Park picnic, 2011-04-xx ? [route]
  • LinuxFest Northwest @ BTC 2011-04-30
  • Adaptive Cycle Festival @ Civic Field May 21, 2011
  • Interurban Trail @Old Samish Way
  • Marine Walk (off Marine Drive before, between Bennet and Airport Way) [map]
  • Hovander Homestead (route debatable, I bike there from work, up Northwest or we could do Marine Drive)
  • Lake Samish picnic
  • Cedarville Farm

I would also prefer to make scouting runs to the parks I haven’t biked to yet. I wouldn’t mind company but I’d prefer an adult pace, minimal luggage and no playtime so as to familiarize myself with the area, chose routes better for kids, scout preferable covered benches and bathrooms, etc.

  • Lake Padden (scouting)
  • Lake Samish (scouting)

Organizational thots: I like the idea of beginning at either my house with a map review, bike safety check, and sharing cell phone numbers. I would prefer the kids lead the bike safety check. I’m OK with meeting guests at the destination or waypoints, just contact me so we have a plan.

I wouldn’t mind moving incorporating Facebook Invites/Events mechanism into this to manage invitations, but not all people are on FB.  Or Evite, or Google Calendar. Feedback welcome.

8 responses to “Bike Picnics, 2011”

  1. WoW! Great blog site. Found it. Gearing up for Sat. at your house then to Cornwall Park. Cooper very anxsious to ride new BMX bike. Where? We may have difficulty getting to your house and then riding, but I’m up for trying it. Look forward to riding more in 2011! Congrats on the yearly status of no car for 1 year!

  2. This is neat. Are you going to bike if it is snowing? What time are you going to meet?
    We’re kind of into the winter sports right now. I think we might not be able to do these until the weather gets warmer. Also, sometimes we might want to meet you at the parks instead of at your house because it is a 5-mile ride just to get to your house.

    1. Meeting at our house at 10:30am. I think meeting us at the parks is fine. Meeting at my house does give a chance to cover a bit of maintenance and review the route for the group ride. I also like the idea of making intermediate meeting points (even at scheduled times) for people who would like to join up along the way.

      Seeing as how I commute in this weather, I’m not bugged by it, but I also have my habits established. I’m happy to discuss how I stay warm and dry if you’re interested.

  3. Jed, It sounds fun, if the weather is right. We are still at the point of being fair weather bikers, so my poor old bike is sitting cold in the garage right now, waiting impatiently for spring. Maybe we can give it a shot.

  4. Rain, Rain, rain! Perhaps we should float down the river and check out the Eagles one of these Saturdays!!
    We’re still up for meeting you at Birchwood Park a little before noon. Cooper has an indoor soccer game at 10:30, so I could bring kid bikes and contribute some lunch items. Anything heavy I can bring in the car for you?! Sorry to say my bike still needs some repair and I must admit the boys and I are more fair weather bikers as well. Still, we have biked a little this week! Hope to see you tomorrow for some outdoor fun!

    1. I can tune your bike up at the park. See you there!

  5. Updated for Marine Park picnic, Jan 29. Remind me to bring a thermos of coffee and my ketchup and mustard!

  6. Sorry, I posted 2011-02-25 for the date of Whatcom Falls, the correct date is Sat, Feb 26, 2011.

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