2011-04-30 LinuxFest, BTC, Squalicum Creek Park

April 30, May 1 is LinuxFest Northwest, and I’ve taken Liam to it for the last two years. He has enjoyed the displays of robotics, sometimes mindstorm legos make the scene, and the computer labs. Some of your kids might enjoy seeing the fest this year, also. I certainly believe that the kids would have more fun if they knew some friends might be there. While I enjoy the salmon bbq at the Fest, I often need to just pack my own lunch–so I’m thinking it would be a fun variant to make it a short bike ride, see the show, and eat our picnic at BTC or Squalicum Beach or Squalicum Creek Park. I will post a note on my blog. In the meantime here’s a link to LinuxFest.

Another consideration for my schedule that weekend is that I am hoping to present (at least one) talk at the Fest. If there were other little friends around, Liam could hang with them instead of bore-ed-ly dozing in the back of the session while I droned on.

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