Birchwood Park picnic, 2011-03-19

This will be a simple picnic at Birchwood Park. Gather at Reynolds 10:30am, leave by 11:00am, lunch around noon, break at 2:00pm. Liam and Jesse want to go to the train museum afterwards, so if you would like to come with, let me know. I can’t tell yet if Liam and Jesse want to roll thru BTC like they did last time, but that could be an option.

2 responses to “Birchwood Park picnic, 2011-03-19”

  1. Rebecca Cowen Farnand Avatar
    Rebecca Cowen Farnand

    Thanks for the evite. I will be on the Women’s retreat, but may forward this to the boys dad, Sean so they have the option of meeting up with you.

    Hope you are well. Spring is in the air and I can’t wait to ride my new cruisin’, commuting bike I got for my birthday. :)

    Think sunshine!

    1. Pretty well, but my knees didn’t do too well after my first 28 mile ride a few weeks ago, so I’m taking it easy. Have fun on Women’s Retreat! Eager to see your new ride :-)

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