Cornwall Park Bike Picnic, 2011-01-08 (notes)

Ideas and lists for bike picnic to Cornwall Park, Jan 8, 2010 with Liam, Jesse and friends (as are available). Liam will be on his bike, Jed and Jesse on the Xtracycle (XC). Rosalind and Eloise may come along, also. Jed can bring the bike trailer.

Meet at: Reynolds house, Park St, 10:30am. Map review. Coach the kids on leading a  bike safety inspection, finish packing, leave directly for Cornwall Park. Start setting up for lunch, letting kids play. After lunch, I like to ride down to see the horses before heading back. We can up/down the steepest path if the kids are amused by out-of-breath parents, or we can take the shortycut.

Food: Please bring your meal and your own picnic kit (plates, forks). I’m happy to share grille space on my propane grille. I tend to pack a low-carb lunch lacking sugary treats. I’ll just bring enough for me and my kids, i’m happy to share condiments like mayo, mustard, ketchup.

Route: I like to get to Cornwall park by going thru Squalicum Creek Park and up Squalicum Parkway. [route map] We can pick the covered area near the north play area to eat, or the smaller south playground is OK with me too. I won’t insist that we retrace our steps to get back, how we get back home is up for vote or we can drift off, however.

Jed is bringing (on XC):

  • Food:
  • sausages
  • hot dogs (no buns?)
  • carrots
  • celery sticks
  • cheddar cheese
  • nuts (almonds, cashews, pecans)
  • water bottles
  • Accessories
  • plates and knives for 4
  • wet wipes
  • trash bag
  • hand sanitizer
  • cutting board
  • propane
  • little table top grille

I have other goodies that I can bring but often get ignored: kids tent, softball, baseball gloves, Frisbees, soccer balls, folding lawn chairs, croquet set, binoculars, magnifying glasses. If you’d like to play with it, tell me and we’ll figure out how to pack it. I anticipate the kids will mostly just run around.

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