Fairhaven Park picnic, 2011-02-05

Liam and Jesse did not complain when I suggested Fairhaven Park. We’d lunch at the covered area above the baseball diamond. Remind me to bring water bottles (smacks forehead).

Meet at: Reynolds house, 10:30am. Bike safety check, add cell phone to list. Map Review. Leave by 11:00. Let me know if you’d like to just meet me there.

Food: Basically, bring your own. Tease me about: Water. Coffee. I’ll be packing my grille and sausages and condiments. Last time there were a number of veggies and cheese slices on hand and I was scarfing those up gladly.

Route: very similar to last time, quick snack stop for Liam at the Hub, take south bay trail to the pier, into Fairhaven, and then go south on 10th street and get onto the trail and turn left (southwest) and take the trail to Fairhaven park. It puts you north of the spray park, so if you continue to the spray park and turn left up the hill, that should get you to the covered area.


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