Marine Park Picnic, 2010-01-29

Liam and Jesse agree that the next bike picnic should go to Port of Bellingham Marine park. I have planned a direct route which makes it just a little bit longer than our previous bike picnics. Liam would like to have a rest stop at The Hub so he can have a little snack.

Meet at: Reynolds house, 10:30am. Bike safety check, add cell phone to the list. Map Review. I’m happy to meet other attendees directly at the park or at a way point at a specified time (please contact me).

Food: Pretty much, pack your own. I will bring sausages, hotdogs and carrot sticks for my boys but I often have enough to share. I’ll prolly bring carrots, nuts, cheese and celery sticks. I suggest bringing a thermos of something warm to drink along with your own lunch. I’m happy to share surplus hotdogs and condiments. Remind me to bring ketchup and mustard and my own thermos for coffee.

Route: Let’s go thru Elizabeth park and take Old Village Trail through Maritime Heritage Park and up Chestnut (walking bikes is OK). South on Railroad Ave and then to The Hub. Rest stop, where Liam and Jesse want to have a quick snack. Then continue all the way to Boulevard Park. Go along the pier and up 10th street into Fairhaven. West on Harris down to Marine Park. Lunch. I don’t have any plans for going back a different way, retracing steps is fine with me.

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