Potential 2011 Penguin Rides

I met a few bicyclists at the 2010 Fest and regretted not being more organized to try and organize a ride.  My first guess would be the Sunday of, after lunch, meet at BTC, and go up Marine Dr, Ferndale Rd, Smith Rd, Aldrich, Bakerview to either the Hampton or to Airport and Marine back BTC. Another possibility is to picnic it and head to Hovander Homestead, it’s not a problem for me to cook hotdogs on my wee propane grille. What say ye?

Suggestions welcome! Use the comment box or message jed,  or use the Fest list, or a paper airplane delivered by orthodox vegan bicycle messenger.

Possible Ferndale Rd and Aldrich route.

Possible Ferndale to Hovander Homestead route.

4 thoughts on “Potential 2011 Penguin Rides

  1. Sounds like a great idea. Especially after being cooped up for a couple of days. Not committing to ride, but supportive of the idea.

    Maybe you could post this in linuxfestnorthwest.org>Community(tab)>forum

    Thanks, Jed

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