Whatcom Falls Picnic, 2011-03-05

[Update: Sat Mar 05!]

Liam and Jesse are up for a trip to Whatcom Falls park this weekend! We should be beyond our northeaster and accompanying snow. Snack when we get to Woburn.

Meet at: Reynolds house, 10:30am. Add cell phone to list. Bike safety check. Map Review. Leave by 11:00. Let me know if you just want to meet us there.

Food: Pack your lunch or your hotdogs. I will bring the grille. Bust my hide if I don’t bring water or coffee. Better yet…bring me coffee if you wish :-) Snacks for halfway stop at Woburn will be appreciated by our smaller participants.

Route: Let’s take W. Illinois to Memorial Park, and follow Railroad trail to Woburn for our first stop. Snack and water up. Continue up Railroad until we get almost to Electric Street in at the east edge of the park, over the big bridge, where we turn right and that takes us to the covered picnic areas on the other side of the fish ponds. Kids will likely be eager to hit the falls, and I’m sure we can take groups of them to see the falls while others might want to play.

This is just under 6 miles, and so if you’d like to borrow the tag-a-long please contact me as I’m happy to attach it to your bike, but we will want to start that earlier than 10:30 if possible. Roz will likely attend and I will probably be towing the kid trailer with our youngest attendee :-) Jesse has been learning to ride a pedal bike, but is still learning, and will be riding on the XC.

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