Replacing cleats



Brooks saddle

I completely wore out my old wtb saddle which had been with me for about three bicycles.  Now,  with a longer commute, I figured I could easily break in a Brooks. I’ve gone about 60 miles on it with 25 of them in torrential rain.  The instructions on Brooks website suggest stretching the saddle every six months.

The way it presently sits isn’t particularly comfortable.  I slide down to the center of the. Saddle and also keep pushing. Myself back to the rivets where the saddle doesn’t try to rub my perineum.  It’s this a common experience? I’m also tempted to tip the nose of the saddle higher so I don’t slide forward as much. You can clearly see the nose is really high already.  Was very tempted to bend the dang thing into a different shape but I calmed down after that grouchy ride. Advice?






Bullitt and EcoShopper — a Dynamic Duo

I’ve used my Larry v. Harry Bullitt with my Bicycle Revolutions EcoShopper trailer a surprising number of times. Just today I delivered about 200lbs of computer recycling to Haywire Computer in Bellingham. One of the conveniences is that I can yank the cotter pins on the trailer wheels and pack the wheels into the trailer and load the trailer into my bakfiets.








bungee keep the trailer tounge out of the spokes

Tweed ride thots

Thots on 2015 tweed ride possibilities

Non-facebook page. FB is convenient but not all-inclusive. Blog?

– historically appropriate venue: Roeder Home
– keg
– invite a photographer with a field camera (WCC) with polariod back
and demonstrate a phosphorous flash
– kids crafts table before hand
– start ride at library?
– have handouts on historical spots (not all, just a one or two between parks)
– contra dancing or banjo at final stop
– bbq for food
– judges for best bike, kids bike, best costume, best kids costume, best blog story
– a stop in Fairhaven, and a story from the Bham Bureau Historical Investiations?
– Before-hand crafting table near farmers market:
. yarn mustaches
. paper top hats
. round framed glasses
. bike mustache badges

– flyers
– earlier notification
– tea and scones for snack (sip-t?)
– bellingham radio museum display, old time radio music? (who does the sat/sun radio show)?
– parasols?