Bungie Too Big

It took me a few tries to figure out how to use get the bungies around these pizzas. Bungies were too big, but not if I took up the slack by placing the pizzas atop to bungies and wrapped them around the top.


Made it Fit

This is a Digium card, clearly intended for a 1U or ATX case. One of my goals is to reduce the number of high speed fans in the lab, so I repurposed my Lanner chassis. Using a typical twist drill bit is a poor choice for the job of an end mill, but it came out ok when I put a rotary steel brush to the aluminum plate.


Soldered new cabling


Heat shrinked cable ends fit nicely

Hand punch stand

I purchased this deep throat metal punch from Grizzly and it took them six months to get it to me. Well, that indignity aside, I mounted it to the side of the work bench with some leftover 2×6.

Lost street sign gains purpose

Traveling through the desert, one only has to look out your window to find items clobbered and freed by high winds and storms. I found a speed limit sign with not one… But two creases and a cut in it in my father’s reclaimed pile. Ironically, it measured 15mph. A thousand miles away, I regularly bike 15mph. The wind that stole the aluminum off this post was much closer to 60 mph, or the sign was in a flash flood area. Whole railroad ties and telephone poles, and abandoned cabins are victims of flash floods in the mojave desert. 

This lonely piece of metal fpund new purpose by becoming the bracket to guide my parents fence gate wheel. I earnestly hope this is the last time I have to fix it.
I think I measured it three times and cut twice 


Did I measure the piece three times and cut twice? 

This thickness of aluminum is still quite brittle, and I had to deal with a tear. I folded part of the tear into a corner. I don’t actually know how long it might last, but if Im lucky, I won’t have to fix it for at least five years.