(Tech Nation) Interview with John Hagel

Ever consider what role passion plays in your career? Do passionate people interested in a common topic group geographically? This interview with John Hagel discusses these topics. The most interesting quote from the interview: “…the larger the organization, the lower the level of passion; whereas people in smaller businesses show higher levels of passion. Entrepreneurs, for instance, follow their passion wherever it leads.” Hagel expresses that as the world changes ever faster that people who pursue the the directions their passions lie will be motivated to be successful. One might infer that feeling trapped in a job is exactly the opposite: harder work and less fulfilling. Another experience Hagel relates an insight from is his interviews with CEOs: business leaders repeatedly desired more passionate employees. Unfortunately, they meant eager, obedient…more willing to do the tasks set in front of them. Passion is the opposite of predictability: it is a point on the horizon that involves exploration and beats a wandering trail.