Faroth: some brief updates

The Singing Dragon Scales have been arrested, imprisoned, and escaped to South Faroth. The Ukulele Sword Band met them on the island. These stories have been getting written up and need a bit of editing.

We have a new player, Rhys. He’s going to play a Sea Elf ranger, a former constable of Sing’jar, who was investigating the strange trade patterns between the wood elves, the orcs and the Faroth forge dwarves. Dirty trade is happening, and the city suffered because of it. Now he’s continuing his investigation on South Faroth.

Also, our characters have been gaining experience:


Faroth: Singing Dragon Scales Have Leveled Up!

This scrappy band of refugees has really done some work!

Date CR Monster XP Qty Updated Liam Jesse R Jesse P Brenden John Hilde Kai
01/14/17 1 bugbear 200 2 x x x x x
01/21/17 1 bugbear 200 1 x x x x
01/28/17 1 bugbear 200 2 x  x x
02/04/17 1 bugbear 200 6 x x x x x
02/04/17 1 bugbear chief 600 1 x x x x
XP: 2/8 550 600 550 700 150 100 450