LinuxFest Northwest 2012 was great fun (plus Apache talk slides)

I really had a great weekend. I liked taking the kids to the Fest on Saturday, and I’m glad that I got them to do some robots. They of course wanted to spend a lot of time in the game room. And I was impressed that they were eager for lunch (salmon)!

I got caught on camera for a second in the “Why Linux Doesn’t Suck” talk. (Haven’t gotten a chance to review the posting on to see if I was edited out.) I really only made it to a few talks, but I mostly got to have great conversations with a lot of people.

Surprisingly, I spent a lot of time talking about embedded storage servers and the possibility of NanoBSD for embedded (Compact Flash based) devices. Interesting stuff, but I also suspect now that DSL and Slitaz Linux distros weigh in super small as well.

My Apache talk only garnered five attendees and one passer by whom I almost ejected. I had rewriten my Apache Rewrites talk from last year and whittled it down to six slides, and that was really all I needed. I was done in 30 minutes, and the rest of the time was discussing some real-world examples. We dug into the subject and I think everyone left much smarter.

And here are this year’s slides: 2012-04 Apache Rewrites

LinuxFest Northwest 2011: Traffic Control in Apache

Here are my slides for traffic control in Apache. I decided that last years presentation about Apache rewrites actually sat in a much bigger context of information architecture, performance and caching. So I’ve generalized the discussion and reduced the number of mouse-print code examples.