DIY Front Bucket Panniers (Wheel Revolution)

Pannier bags often crush fragile items like lettuce or squish loaves of bread. Often they are too narrow for really mundane items like … watermelons or pumpkins. Pannier bags are of ten pretty expensive, and they are a chore to wash. A bucket is easy to clean, and if you haul chemicals (like petrol) a HDPE bucket isn’t bothered by petrol or paint thinner, motor oil, or just soil, sand or mud from your gardening project.

Wheel Revolution: Bike Bucket DIY.

Mt Baker from Aldrich Rd (Panorama) 2010-02-19

Here’s an attempt at making a very wide desktop background: 2560×1024. There are obviously better photos I could have chosen, but this one was recent. I think I need to figure out how to turn my bicycle into a tripod. I could certainly lose the shake, even on a 28mm lens.

Mt. Baker from Aldrich Rd, 2010-02-19

Mt. Baker from Aldrich Rd, 2010-02-19

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