Welcome to Vastus

Coastal tribes of humans, elves, minotaur and hobgoblins have their world upset when high elves from another world loot the astral plane and crash the bones of a skeletal fist from and astral titan across the land.

New islands sprout, vast craters are torn, leaving deeply buried magical rubble with an enchanted mineral, Ruklaf, that aids teleportation and planar travel. This meteoric hail gashes the planar fabric of Vastus, permitting other-worlders opportunities to invade this previous hidden world.

These foreign high elven conquistastors colonize various areas along the west coast of Vastus, attempting to stake out the obvious Ruklaf craters. Ruklaf spreads chaotic magic into the surroundings while the high elves displace the hobgoblins and banish the wood elves. Monstrosities destroy the southern naga city of Danil. Dragons start wars over Ruklaf. The minotaur of Danil bay become seafaring refugees. As the destruction settles, evidence of a high-magic economy emerges.

A thousand years and three wars later, the 1000 leagues of coast line from Sing’jar in the north to Danil bay in the south are now a complex web of trade and intrigue. Ahoy!

Text Editor Debate

There was a listener question posed on Coder Radio 477 that asked: dafuq with the vim an shit, bruh? Having edited code since about 1988 (DOS 3.5 Bible era) and actually having taken classes programming in OG Unix (SunOS 4.1, 1993) before the time of vim, there was Bill Joy’s vi. But around that time, […]

Welcome Fredrik Feldspar

Fredrik is a Goliath, Cleric, priest of the competition. To make ends meet, he’s a traveling salesman. The mountains of his elders are dimly remembered after one of his uncles decided to challenge a purple worm that lived in crevices below their mountain slope, destroying a village of hundreds. His parents did not stay together […]

Meet Eritz Eisenblume

A young, banished gnome, bitter about being publicly beaten and humiliated by a high elf noble of Belgar. His first comission, which was finely crafted but to the wrong dimensions, was the cause of this bigoted beating. Eritz went north along the pirate coast, and eventually found himself on the steps of the Sing’jar temple […]


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