Transition Whatcom Saturday, Quick Insights

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Transition Whatcom: The Great Unleashing

We the family went to the Transition Whatcom event at Bellingham High and it was pretty neat. The high school had bicycles locked up against every tree and every light post, plus a field in the front courtyard with scrap-built wooden bicycle stands! Inside the door was an electric bicycle dealer booth, followed by a canning and the ReStore booth. Juba! marimba was playing.

We only had time to attend one session, and I dropped in on a talk by a doctor about health care in the declining economy. To summarize: health care is what you do for yourself; disease care is what you need doctors and hospitals for. We as Americans vote our dollars straight to disease care and neglect our personal health care. As we as middle class citizens feel the coming austerity, we will loose weight, be more unemployed and yet–healthier. We will be spending more time with our families and more time exercising, either because we have time or we can’t afford gas. There was some discussion about health care models in other countries, but it was a short session, so only a few ideas were floated.

I took some photos, one or two will certainly be interesting; I’ll post later. Beautiful day!