Faroth: Games until Summer

barrel-headI’ve decided to run this as a seasonal campaign:

and we’ll stop for summer. Most members of the game are prolly going camping or traveling while the kids are out of school. I’m going to openly discourage new characters for this game for the rest of the session. People may attend, but new level 1 characters would be too much of a distraction at this point. Our Faroth adventure should probably end by following the plot east and seeing what good our characters can do for Sing’jar, or discover who leads the orc army. Getting our characters up to level 6 would be a reasonable achievement. Would be a nice idea to do a bagel breakfast on that day.

  1. May 20
  2. June 3
  3. June 10
  4. June 17
  5. June 24 Ending early, 12:00pm

During the summer:

I would be up for some small games during the summer–so please contact me so we can set up some stuff for summer. I’ve other D&D 3.5E worlds banked at the back of the fire we can rake forth and puff life into.

We’ll continue in fall:

And I would like to continue the adventure in the Faroth/Sing’jar world. If that’s an issue, and you’d like to propose a new world, I’ll hear your proposals. New characters will be welcome, and will probably be leveled up very quickly by being associated with higher-challenge adventures. I propose to begin on the Saturday before school starts: August 26th (subject to change).

  1. Aug 26
  2. (Skip Labor Day weekend, people usually travel, if not: LMK)
  3. Sep 2
  4. Sep 9
  5. Sep 16
  6. Sep 23
  7. Sep 30


Faroth: Expect Bad Weather

barrel-headIt’s approaching the end of January in the Faroth Islands and there are sightings of northern ice bergs drifting west from the glaciers to the north. Normally they do not reach as far south as the Faroth islands, but this has been a exceptionally cold winter. There has only been standing (unfrozen) water for one day on the islands since the winter solstice. The chance of the prevailing south winds deflecting the course of any large ‘bergs is low.

The large mountains on the islands make them safe for land lubbers and hence the large population of dwarves and surprising numbers of gnomes on the islands. The geology supports cave systems above sea-level. There are many other smaller islands through the Sing’jar straight that are much more at the mercy of the weather.

Not far north of the Faroth shipping lanes are the Octra Islands, a set of eight small islands arranged symmetrically. Each of these islands is barely a mile wide at best, and barely produces any wood or crops. Most frigates will not approach because there are other rocky reefs in the area. Only an experienced captain, or a crafty one with the local magics (such as summoning a water elemental) could find their way through the Octras.

Many Faroth sea elves brag about sailing the Octras. This is unlikely, because the Octras are populated with Marine Elves (Aquatic Elves) which live a mostly submerged lifestyle in harmony with water animals. Faroth Aquatic Elves keep to themselves and tend to taunt sea elves and minotaurs. Sea elves are ‘lubbers, which is insulting because sea elves live their lives on boats. Minotars are referred to as sea-sows or horned manatees. This completely offends their intelligence and athleticism. In response, any aquatic elf will respond with, “What, are you a better swimmer than I? Can you summon a killer whale or a shark, then ask it to give you a ride? Or are you just standing there so you can poop on my shore?”

Each of the Octra islands is named and has a chieftain, an elf of at least level 10, and usually a sea ranger. The Octra, as they don’t mind being called, rely on the sea life for protection, communication, and food. If you can befriend an Octra, you have demonstrated humility, honesty, and intelligence. You also must have something to offer them.IMG00466-20110528-2057.jpg

File System Thots

A brief experiment in calculating a histogram of file sizes:

$ find -type f -size -128000c -printf "%k\n" \
| sort -n \
| perl -ne 'BEGIN{ %h=(); } 
{chomp $_; $h{$_}++;} 
END { foreach my $k (sort {$h{$a} <=> $h{$b}} keys(%h)) { 
      print "$k $h{$k}\n"; }}'
137 3
145 3
121 3
129 5
113 7
25 10
105 14
97 21
89 29
81 35
73 38
65 60
57 92
49 165
1 221
41 317
33 781
9 4220

Faroth: upcoming games

Foreseeable calendar of games. I think we should consider more costumes. and it’s getting warm enough we might consider holding one on the patio.

  • April 29: normal game
  • May 6: no game. Consider attending LinuxFest Northwest! That’s where most of the Reynolds family will be.
  • May 13 normal game
  • May 20 normal game
  • May 27 no game, Reynolds family vacation. Pickard family vacation. Memorial day.

Please contact me about your June schedule.


Faroth: ship is taken! 

The attack on the Jobin’Gahr pressed below decks. Thorfinn, Lothric, Cordelia and Girion immediately were sprung on by even tougher orcs below decks. Girion was hewn multiple times and Thorfinn was always able to heal hom up again. At the end of the corridor, they took down the captain, and the rest of the pirates cleared the remaining orcs out of the bilge deck. 

Interrogation revealed that both the senior orc wizard and the original captain, Garnoc Darkblud, were killed in the bombing attack by Eliza. Garnoc Ja’mail, Darkbluds son, took over. The crew of the ship was badly treated and down by 100 hands from raiding the Straight od Sing’jar the previous few weeks. Garnoc thought that taking on a puny lawful town would be fun. Unfortunately the old wizard on board was sickening, and the galleon was falling apart. 

There was treasure in the captain’s quarters : rings, wands and rods. There was about 100gp to go around for all who boarded and fought in the battle.