Faroth: First Encounter, 2017-01-14

barrel-headThe town of Faroth and the outlaying ruins of the ancient city lie amidst shallow rolling granite hills, a slightly peach colored rocky plain with patches of soils and lots of stiff weedy grass. Occasionally there are crags of weathered, spiky, gray, limestone that hold less soil but whose cracks foster rock roses among their sprouts of weeds. It is impressive that there is any ranching economy on the island, but Drafter Crushton proves it’s possible.

Drafter’s rangers, Nillaffin and Hadreus are in the ruins with the party. Nillaffin leads Ofric, Lebranon, Manga and the Alchemist from the library building, north across the old coliseum. As they’ve been walking, they notice that the well weathered lettering on the stone is mostly in dwarven runes, but there are also plaques written in giant and draconic. Did dragons once attend gladiatorial battles in this coliseum?

They pass north through a rent in the 30′ tall coliseum wall. From their left a bugbear rears from atop a pile of rubble and hurtles a javelin. Before them, in the mound that covered the gaolers pit, another bugbear rears and throws. Nillaffin charges forward and the Oferic, Lebranon and Manja attack the bugbear to the south. Oferic charges and collides with the bugbear and flips over backwards, confusing the bugbear for a moment. Nillaffin gets pummeled with an add-hoc mourning star that’s more of a heavy spiked club. Rocks are thrown. Oferic tries to topple and grapple and gets smashed. Nillaffin has drawn out the northern bugbear but is getting punished, and heads towards his horse. Manja, who distrusts Nillaffin’s intentions, rummages the saddle bags of the horse and finds no weapons, just a hatchet and some woodworking hand-tools. Manja throws the hatchet and misses.

Nillaffin returns to his horse, slaps Manja away and tells the group to retreat. Oferic has been killed and the northern bugbear runs up the southern rockpile to eat. Manja, in his desperate anger, climbs after the bugbear and breaths poison on the hunched over, eating foes. Now these bugbears are mad and coughing. Manja runs away into the rent, leaving Nillaffin on his horse to defend the party. He rears the horse and attacks, retreats a bit, fires his bow, trades out for his longsword and attacks on horseback again. The strikes from the hooves are powerful enough to finish off both bugbears.

Nillaffin’s party returns to the library and Hadreus helps him heal with some potions. The group goes back to town and visits McGinty’s general store and sells the reclaimed javelins. To establish a party credit line, they adopt the name, “The Singing Dragon Scales.” Maybe they can make some money making soap from the charcoal common in the ground. They pass through the Axe and Sparrow, Ansty Thinbone’s pub, and earn some drink credit with a song.

Tune in next time as the party continues their adventure!

Faroth game room change

Today we changed the game from classroom 3 to the library for the sake of other services. The library appeared to work well for us and so I’m asking if we can make that a persistent change.

Jan 8 Update: Alison has approved our ongoing use of the Library. See you there.

The Ruins of Faroth

A thousand years ago, the stone giant Thromcron invited families of Mountain Dwarves from the mainland to mine the rich ores of Faroth, and the Forge Dwarves were so founded, and a rich mansion of stone and ancient trees was made and a city prospered as the quality of gems and steel crafted on the island grew in reputation.

The fire giant Crimskill became jealous and brought forth an army of bone devils, ruining the city of Faroth. The mansion was set on fire and many houses were crushed. The dwarves prayed and Morodin granted them a boon, and Stingren Gembeard, an avatar of Morodin, commanded a counter army of stone elementals and defeated the bone devils. Crimskill was badly hurt and driven off.

Hundreds of survivors were left in ruins. Most left the island and returned to the mainland. Six hundred years later, what is left are a few intact tunnels and the stone foundations of a city that is mostly profitable from fishing and boat building. The proud trees of the island burned, and re-planted trees now ring the rebuilt mansion on the top of the hill. The cattle feed on grass but most of the soil washed away from the rough storms of the sea every winter.

Session 1: a New Home

Our characters landed on Faroth Island and were greeted by the  captain of the guard, Binova Lotrimur, in the town square before the  who said they could live in the ruins.

Mr McGinty is a human who owns the general store.

Bru Irondale is the dwarven foreman of the of the Forge Dwarves, the sub-race descended of Mountain Dwarves of the mainland. He is always up for making deals for coal and iron ore. Irondale employs ten strong dwarven smiths and eight human cart drivers/forge workers.

Sloth Breakerbar is the half-giant foreman of the Ruddy Vein iron mine. He wears a vest of giant skin tanned from the hide of a defeated enemy. It is lined with his set of chisels and a two hammer loops on the back. He wants strong workers to move rock, fifteen miners is all he has at the moment.

Cubbard Dovetail is a gnome master carpenter who is good friends with Sloth. They can often be seen telling stories sitting next to the evening fire ring. Dovetail and his small community of gnomes fix the carts and help with the detail work on the ships build by Gollard Sudbarn.

Gallard is a minotaur shipwright who helps maintain the southern islands fishing fleet. He is slightly smaller than Bru, and doesn’t get along with Bru, Sloth or Binova. He likes Cubbard but does not socialize and mostly spends his time in his shop. Sudbarn employes one gnome and seven human carpenters.

Near Gallard’s warehouse is the Noorthaus Fishery where the salting and canning of fish and other seafood is done. There is a fleet of small fishing boats that travel to the south islands and the fishery has many buildings stringing along the islands. The fishery is a confederation of fishers run by three minotaur captains. Gallard used to be one of them, and has some remaining shares in the association. Noorthaus fish are notable for their pepper, sage and other spices imported by southern fishermen. There are reported to be two mermen, ten humans, three water elves and two half orcs as officers and mates in this band of fishermen.

Far away from water is Drafter Crushton, a half-elf ranger, rancher and owner of the Faroth livery. He lives near the Faroth mansion. He invited the refugees to clear themselves each a stall and camp out for a day. There are four elves and six humans as ranger ranch hands: Jimmy, Billy, Illybae, Hadreus, Eesehedche, Nillafin, Rohlim, Knuckles, Vungean and Moffinian. Haderus and Nillafin volunteered to lead the refugees into the ruins to help clear them.

Sounds! From the south of the ruined temple, wood is heard to be breaking. Hadreus will be taking Fanzie, Manga, and Fabeus. To the north, a pile of stones shifts and falls. Nillafin will take Trabeaus, Othoric, Kevbin, Namanon and Grotto.