Windows OEM License

liftarn_Big_brickSo it turns out you can destroy a windows virtual host really quickly, just by moving it from one host system to another host.

This is something I’ve done with Linux virtual hosts many times, and it seems like an intrinsic way to manage resources.

But not with Windows. They really expect you to take the time to install and configure all your applications again if the motherboard changes. It must not be possible to do live migration of windows virtual hosts.


SourceForge is making Open Source Look Like a Scam

Not only when I download something from SourceForge these days am I presented a proxy-downloader that tries to sell me on installing some unsolicited system utility — like a browser home page take over — it manages to install some other bullshit system utilities as well. Holy shit. This is not the Sourceforge I used to use. It is seriously WASTING MY TIME and making me HATE free (as in beer) software on Windows! Can’t they tell how much they are pissing in the well?

All I wanted to do was install Filezilla. Now I have crap to uninstall as well. Who at OSDL or FSDL or do I have to strangle to stop this?

Update: Malwarebytes just popped up and said it blocked some malware. It started scanning and found four new bits of badness on my filesystem and asked me to reboot. Sure.

Translating Filenames — Bash Voodoo Style #linux

This is an example of using Bash to convert a crazy apache log and translating the filename into an IIS log pattern:

d=`date +%Y%m%d`
find k -type f \
| while read filename
  echo "$nextfile"
  cat $filename | $translate > "$nextfile"

I love how I can refer to a shell variable ($d) inside a string translation (${d}).

Remember “In the Trenches”? That’s How I Learned of LOPSA #lfnw

I chatted with a few of the guys at the LOPSA booth and mentioned that I first learned about LOPSA by listening to Kevin Devin’s In the Trenches podcast. This Friends In Tech show was insightful, informative and inspiring in that it presented intelligent and professional discussion about the profession of system administration, not merely righteous badmouthing of L-users. It turned me on to the SOTY contest, for which I was nominated in 2008 2007 and received a T-shirt, even.

Tail the Latest Log File

I’m grateful for Cygwin. I wouldn’t know how to do this in cmd–though I should probably learn how to do it in PoSH.

find LogFiles/W3SVC1 -type f | xargs ls -1tr | tail -n1 | xargs tail -F

I need to make it an alias now….

XP System Does a Dodge Monaco Ka-Boom!

Apparently, the Dodge Monaco was the cop car in the Blues Brothers movie that served Ellwood so well. It came to a catastrophic end, of course. My mom just had her seven year old Dell do a Dodge Monaco Boom on her:

> I’m very glad that I kept the old machine running all the time until I
> completed Dad’s project (his Desert Symposium volume – 292 pages worth
> of science, hideous tables, multiple weird symbols, and huge graphics).
> Once it was off to the printer **and** the printer said the file was
> okay, I turned off the machine. When I started it up again the next day,
> catastrophic failure! One of the programs even had a pop-up message that
> said exactly that.
Seven years for a Dell desktop computer–wow! We knew it was dying so it hadn’t been turned off for like two or three weeks because it was clearly close to it’s end.