Eccentricity + Random Chance = Eccendipity?

Cmdln has a recent monolog up that will delight the philospher in you, exploring the notion of serendipty, and his compliment to it–the exploration of those ideas perpendicular to your interests, or even opposite them to find those intersections of wisdom or delight that help us relate to those parties normally “across the isle.”

Great interview on hacker spaces, responsible disclosure (TCLP)

Thomas interviews Tiffany Rad in this episode of The Commandline Podcast. I appreciated this interview because, as a father, I am interested in all the ways I can expose my kids to learning opportunities, and while I might not end up with little net-running hellions, it sounds like public schools are often becoming less and less places where hands-on experience in engineering and science can occur.

I also appreciated how the discussion verged into responsible disclosure. As contractor in my past, one encounters clients that might be in violation of laws, or vulnerable to attack, but just broaching the topic with them might get you sued. This is an aspect of responsible disclosure that I’d be interested in hearing more about.

There is also good discussion about how the auto industry is using the DMCA as a legal claymore to keep people from modding their car computers. This is particularly frustrating to any mechanic. It makes me wonder if there are other examples of “trading down” technologies so that one can use less sophisticated vehicles, computers, appliances, just for the ability to treat them in a more fungible manner. Phones and cameras come to mind.

Makes me wonder if the Sustainable Connections people in Bellingham have heard of hacker spaces?

Want warmer hands? Snip that elastic!

I found a pair of black fleece flip-mits (glomits) at Yeagers in November. With a pair of polypro liners underneath, they are almost winning a winter riding combo. However, these glomits are of rather odd dimentions. They are long enough for my hands but are quite floppy around my fingers and the mit is a bit too baggy. These are not bad, but I do find they tend to catch on brake levers.

The part I clearly didnt like was the elastic around the wrist. This collar was too tight, and with the tighter fitting pair of polypro liners I prefer under them, it was actually making my hands colder. Why? It was pinching the circulation around my wrists. You need free circulation in your hands and feet too keep them warm.

I went at them with a pair of scissors this week and cut gaps in the wrist elastic so that the elastic would not press so tightly on my wrists. It looks trampy, but I definitely see improvement! On a 45 min ride to work in 28F weather, by the time I got to work, my polypro liners were damp with sweat.