Made it Fit

This is a Digium card, clearly intended for a 1U or ATX case. One of my goals is to reduce the number of high speed fans in the lab, so I repurposed my Lanner chassis. Using a typical twist drill bit is a poor choice for the job of an end mill, but it came out ok when I put a rotary steel brush to the aluminum plate.


Soldered new cabling


Heat shrinked cable ends fit nicely


Thoughts on Media Hosting

If the recordings are licensed in the public domain, out of copyright, or creative commons, provides free audio hosting.

All of the services listed are not a substitute for an offline cold backup, just a reminder. Site content on Amazon or YouTube can disappear because of copyright dispute claims or policy conflicts like Terms of Service violation or other arbitrary policy changes.

Commercial podcast hosting appears to be tiered by upload amount per month; this is a comparison:

The advantages of some podcast hosting services is that they might have automatically generated RSS feed services, and might provide integration with other podcast syndicators such as or No particular service is better than others at iTunes integration because iirc, iTunes plays by its own rules.

Moving podcast hosting often involves altering podcast feeds which can alter the subscribers content (like flood it with hundreds of ‘unread/new’ items), or make it appear to have stopped updating altogether. It definitely takes some homework to prepare for a move.

Hosting videos can also be done on or anything that hosts files. Video hosting services typically differentiate themselves by their online players (mobile friendly vs High Definition).

Live streaming services are available from both YouTube,, or other services like or Twich. Converting a live stream to a hosted video takes forethought to record the video, sometimes on a separate device.

Bookcase shelf and Kerf Cutting

By the time I started using the 1×12 planks fir the bookcase shelves, I noticed significantly more bowing in a few of the boards than when I bought them. I’m trying to help flex them flat by doing kerf cuts about half the depth of the boards on the convex side so I can glue and screw them back to flat when I assemble them.

Hand punch stand

I purchased this deep throat metal punch from Grizzly and it took them six months to get it to me. Well, that indignity aside, I mounted it to the side of the work bench with some leftover 2×6.

Bugbear Platoon

Platoon Structure

Hobgoblin General Brunfur’s veteran batallion occupying Sing’jar have plenty of resources, and the battle to get north involved fighting elves, drow and orcs. Bugbears are trained as rangers and gnolls are trained as shock troops. Platoons have wizards and clerics as part of the team as well. Goblins are not even offered non-commissioned status: they are kept as conscripted troops and slave servants. There are 30-150 goblins per platoon, typically centered in service to the Lieutenant’s command in service of all the cooking, cleaning and platrol of the command camp.

  1. Squad 1
    1. Team 1
      1. Corporal, Fighter, Hobgoblin, Raven
      2. Fighter
      3. Fighter
    2. Team 2
      1. Corpral, Fighter, Hobgoblin, Raven
      2. Fighter
      3. Fighter
      4. Fighter
    3. Team 3
      1. Sergeant, Fighter, Hobgoblin, Raven, Worg
      2. Ranger, Bugbear
      3. Cleric Hobgoblin
      4. Fighter
  2. Squad 2
    1. Team 4
      1. Corporal, Fighter, Hobgoblin, Raven
      2. Fighter
      3. Fighter
      4. Fighter
    2. Team 5
      1. Corporal, Ranger, Bugbear, Raven
      2. Fighter
      3. Fighter
    3. Team 6
      1. Sergeant, Fighter, Raven, Worg
      2. Cleric Hobgoblin
      3. Fighter
      4. Fighter
  3. Squad 3
    1. Team 7
      1. Corporal, Bugbear Ranger, Dire Wolf, Raven
      2. Gnoll Fighter
      3. Gnoll Fighter
    2. Team 8
      1. Lieutenant, Fighter, Worg, Raven
      2. Wizard, Hobgoblin, Horse
      3. Bugbear Ranger
      4. Cleric Hobgoblin

Platoon Stat Blocks






To Hit/Damage

Dire Wolves: 4/2 800 48/6d10+12 15 (leather) +6/2d6+4 bite, +6/1d4+6 claw (1-3 attacks)
Hobgoblin Fighter 4/2 450 39/6d8+12 17 (half plate) +4/1d6 +2 longsword


Gnoll Fighter 4/2 450 39/7d8+2 17 (studded leather) +6/1d4+6 bite,

+6/1d6+6 spear,

+5/1d6+5 (x2) dual short swords

Hobgoblin Clerics: 5/3 700 53/8d8+16 17 (half plate) +6/1d10+6 war hammer
Hobgoblin Wizard: 4/2 650 42/8d6+16 12 (amulet, robe)
Hobgoblin Ranger: 4/2 650 53/8d8+16 17 (Breastplate, buckler) +5/1d8+5 longsword
+5/1d8+5 longbow
Bugbear Ranger: 5/3 800 65/10d8+20 17 +5/2d8+3 morningstar

+6/1d8+4 longbow

Raven: 1
Corporal Bugbear: 6/4 1600 71/11d8+22 17 +6/2d8+4 +1 morn

+7/1d8+5 longbow

Corporal Gnoll (dual wielding) 5/4 1500 42/7d8+8 18 leather/mail shirt +9/2d4+4 bite, poison

+9/1d6+9 glaive

+7/1d6+9, +5/1d6+5 dual shortsword (2 attack)

Corporal Hobgoblin: 3/4 1600 46/7d8+13 17 (half plate) +5/2d6+4 greatsword
Sergeant Hobgoblin: 6/6 3200 97/13d8+39 20 (plate, shield) +9/1d8+6 +1 greatsword
Lieutenant Hobgoblin: 9/7 6500 115/16d8+45 21 (plate +1 sh) +13/2d8+9 +2 greatsword
Worgs: 4/2 58/8d10+8 14 (leather) +7/2d6+7, DC14 trip

The teams with fewer members are often supplemented with goblins, gnolls, bugbears or mercenary specialiists.

The Gnoll corporals are part of a dual-wielding training regimen that gives them two attacks when dual wielding their short swords.