Burati Bay and Upstream

The next largest city east, upstream of Burati bay, is Ontishian. Just like Burati is divided into north and south halves by the river, so is Ontisian divided, but ruled by a single council. The curves of the Burati river provide a very reasonable marina for ships to berth at Ontishian. The most lucrative trade of Ontishinan are the two forges, on the north side of the river: Phaleal’s forge and Zoleri’s forge.

The forges are rivals, of course. Phaleal’s turn-around is longer, on the order of weeks, but their products are more affordable. Zoleri’s forge is a very well funded operation and with plenty of employees, turns your order out in days, but charges almost ten times the price. If you are waiting for your smithwork from Phaleal’s, you will choose an inn across the bridge, in south Ontishian. where there are food and textile mills powered by the Uvula river. In north Ontishian the hotels are to the northeast, up the slope with a view across the river towards the Letchipo mountains.

The Letchipo mountains extend into the Burati river, bending it with tthe resistant ledge on Letchipo spit. This terrain is rought and difficult to climb. Roads across Letchipo spit are seasonally washed out by fall rainfall and spring melt floods. It is not a reliable year-round route for over-land trade.

North of the Letchipo spit is the Ontish cliffs. They are even worse terrain, tall and sheer, directly falling into the oncoming river. Topped with the undead bogs right behind their terraces, Arbregon lands to the northwest are secure from adventurers from Ontishian.

There are no undead in the Letchipo range. These peaks have protected generations of hobgoblin refugees from the native Belgar Island. The tribes in Lethipo peaks are known as the Champions of Fondon. Reffering to themeselves as the Tribes of Fondon, they celebrate their emigration of nearly a millenia ago when foreign plane travelling elves crashes a meteor into the island they lived on. So many years later, they are respected amont the goblinoids as first-class territorial chieftans and are often hired as mercenaries and captains. For normal economy, they run seasonal businesses on the shores of Letchipo spit.

When profitable years grant ample resources and opportunities, squads of Fondon Marines organize amphibian ambushes upon the Straight of Letchipo, attacking merchants travelling the Ontish hightway.

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