Bob Reynolds

Bob took me and my family so many places. I cherish how much of nature I got to see with him. I have always been amazed at how much he loved to be goofy with kids. Like, embarrassingly goofy. He wanted to live a generous and educational life. He thrived on sharing topics he could teach. He published papers, he inspired others to publish, teach and research. His greatest respect was for the natural world and discovering the past. He grew up in a world where practical accomplishments were admirable, and was an example to me of how to become proficient at fixing and understanding processes and mechanics. He was brave and proactive with people. When camping, he would frequently approach other campers, introduce himself and offer snacks and beers to create a relationship, especially in areas that attracted gun lovers that liked to fire shots in our favorite camp grounds. There was a lot to learn from this man. There is a lot left to teach.

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