Meet Eritz Eisenblume

A young, banished gnome, bitter about being publicly beaten and humiliated by a high elf noble of Belgar. His first comission, which was finely crafted but to the wrong dimensions, was the cause of this bigoted beating. Eritz went north along the pirate coast, and eventually found himself on the steps of the Sing’jar temple of Pelor.

Subsistence living, doing comedy for tips, selling brass scrap automata, and begging, most of the people walked by him without notice. The hobo beside him, Hunnor, ran a folding table shell game. As they got acquainted with each other, he learned about the creed of Loki.

Learning how to trick and mislead, and temporing it with the conversations with the priests of Pelor, inspired Eritz that rather than pride, maybe blessings could come from humility and insights from an unexpected point of view.

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