No Seat…A Bike Lock Alternative?

A friend told me a story–he was behind this guy in line at the store that had a greasy pipe wrapped in a veggie bag sticking out of his shopping basket. “Whats the pipe for?”
“Oh, thats my bike seat. We ran out of formula for the baby and my wife said ‘just go real quick! Use the car!’ But when I hopped in the car, the windows were all fogged over, couldn’t see out. So I hopped on my beater mountain bike and huffed it over here without a bike lock. So I just yanked the seat out to keep anyone from dashing off with it.” “Good luck”
“Thanks”…and he was off.

I guess someone could have rode his bike off without a seat on it, but I guess thats just a little less likely. Personally, I leave a bike lock wrapped around the front of my top tube on every bike I have. I read a trick to lighten the bike: leave bike locks where you commonly park your bike. Me: mine go with me all over the place, I can stand the weight.

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