Copy Protection for Our Identities

Another idea sprouted: I love the concept that Doc Searls discusses about the Intention Oriented Economy. This is the reverse of the identity oriented economy where we supplicate our commercial oligarchy with our percious identifiable information for free stuff so they can better advertise to us. Rather–it makes much more sense to develop an anonymous identity and then publish intentions (I want to buy a bicycle) and then grant permission to commercial supplicants to market to us based upon our published desires.

I was listening to the latest ep of Triangulation with Daniel Briskin and he mentioned having a non-copy protected version of Visicalc, one of the few left that could run on any PC. Duh! Our *identities* need to be copy protected.

Please tell me that TPM and remote attestation, with our own private identities being the attestors, is what unlocks degrees of our identifying information for marketers? We provide some binary blob of our intention, to read it, they supplicate to our attestation, they decrypt that shard of our identity, but that encrypted shard expires because we provide it through our publicly administered perishible anonymous identity administration.

Ok, enough of the crack cocaine, time for bed.

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