3 thoughts on “Bike Picnic, Sat Sep 17

    • My bike picnics are generally a way to get my kids friends out of the house on the weekends. I typically don’t invite anyone on breakfast rides because we try and be out the door before 8am, and in the past they’ve counted more as family time.

      Jennifer, we didn’t cross paths at Linuxfest 2011, did we? Only Andrei met me for that GPS ride.

      Oh, even on my lunchtime rides, I keep a running joke that everyone needs to poke me in the ribs if I don’t bring coffee. Esp on the winter rides.

    • Oh ho, the Chocolate ride — boy, I get pestered enough by my kids for candy, I just couldn’t bring them along on a chocolate ride, it would be too much. That would be a fun date ride.

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